How we can help you

Corpore Sano Pilates will help you to invigorate and refresh your body and mind by improving and balancing your movement to be more functional and biomechanically safe. Better body-awareness and more efficient movement will translate into your day to day and other sport activities and improve your performance.

The beauty of Pilates is it’s adaptability to individuals' needs and abilities. Whether you are recovering from injury, are or were pregnant, are 18 or 65+ years of age, or are a professional athlete, Pilates has benefits for everybody. We are here to show you how.

We are located in the peaceful and tranquil location of Cass Bay, Lyttelton. The perfect place to switch off your mind from your day to day and to refocus internally.

Come in and try out our Mat Classes or our top of the line pilates studio equipment in a Private One-on-One Session.

Philosophy of Pilates

"Mens sana in corpore sano" means as much as "a healthy mind lives in a healthy body" and was already recognised by the Romans as what to strive for in life. Joseph Pilates incorporated this old saying in his method by understanding that mind and body cannot be treated separately but are dependant on and influence each other.

Pilates allows for the peace and internal focus to connect mind and body, to breath deeply and to regain your energy and strength. You will feel invigorated.


Pilates Sessions

Private one-on-one pilates sessions are a great way to get the most out of your pilates training and gives you one-on-one attention.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to improve your performance in another sport, or would like to fine tune your technique - our one-on-one pilates sessions are tailored to your needs.

Mats, small props and top of the line pilates studio equipment are provided.

Contact us to book a session

1 x One-on-one session

$ 70

5 x One-on-one sessions

$ 335

10 x One-on-one sessions

$ 645

30 minute refresher

$ 45

Please note our 24hr cancellation policy.

Pilates Sessions

Get the benefits of a private one-on-one pilates session, but for a lower price, by sharing your session with a friend or family member.

Contact us to book a session

1 x Two-on-one session

$ 45 each

5 x Two-on-one sessions

$ 215

10 x Two-on-one sessions

$ 410

Please note our 24hr cancellation policy.

If only one person cancels a two-on-two session then the one-on-one session price applies.

Mat Pilates
Group Classes

A challenging and dynamic workout where you are effectively working with your own body weight and small props.

We suggest that at least one private or group introductory session is completed before beginners join the mat classes. This will teach you the fundamental principles of pilates.

Bring your own mat. 55 minutes.

Cass Bay

Classes for a maximum of eight participants will be held in the Corpore Sano studio, Cass Bay.

Term 1
- 4th February to 13th April
- 10 weeks

$ 190

Drop In
- if a place is available

$ 21



9.30 am - 10.30 am


6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

No drop ins, classes must be booked prior to attendance by contacting us .

Mt. Pleasant

Larger groups will be taught at the Mt Pleasant Centre. Preregistration is required as we have space for a maximum of 12 participants.

Term 1
- 4th February to 13th April
- 10 weeks

$ 180

Drop In
- if a place is available

$ 20



9.30 am - 10.30 am


7.15 pm - 8.15 pm

Please note no credits or refunds will be given for unused classes.

Introductory Sessions / Initial Assessments

All clients new to pilates or those with injuries or pain are advised to book an introductory session / initial assessment. Fundamental pilates principals will be explained as a building block for postural awareness, deep and functional breathing and stabilising muscle activation.

Exercises will be broken into segments to prepare for mat class participation. Health history as well as specific tests will allow an insight into clients movement strategies, strength and flexibility and will make it possible for the teacher to address potential problems in class or in individual training sessions.

One-on-one intro

$ 70

Two-on-one intro

$ 45

Please note our 24hr cancellation policy

Studio Locations

Cass Bay

Our Cass Bay studio is at 3 Harbour View Terrace, Cass Bay, Christchurch 8082.

No drop ins, classes must be booked prior to attendance by contacting us .

Mt. Pleasant

Larger groups are taught at the Mt Pleasant Centre, 3 McCormacks Bay Road, Mt Pleasant, 8081.

About Us

Katrin Gravley, Director/Owner, Corpore Sano NZ Ltd


2015 Pilates Rehabilitation Series, Polestar Pilates New Zealand

2006 PG Dipl. Sports and Exercise Science, Waikato Institue of Technology, Hamilton, NZ

2004 1st State Teaching Certificate in Sports and Exercise Science, Heinrich-Heine Universitaet, Dusseldorf, Germany

Katrin was born and raised in Germany. She developed a passion for health and wellness during her studies of Sports and Exercise Science that brought her to New Zealand to complete a Postgraduate Degree in this field. Her main focus was on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports nutrition. Her full time employment with The Back Institute (TBI Health, Auckland), further increased her knowledge and understanding not only of back injuries and chronic pain but also of other sports and overuse injuries that often occur as a result of repetitive and one sided movement strategies. The Pilates method matched and deepened her holistic approach and understanding of treatment and quickly became a passion. In 2015 Katrin completed her teacher training with Polestar Pilates and was certified in the internationally recognised Rehabilitation Series.

With her love for movement and health, and her awe for the bodies abilities to heal and improve, Katrin enjoys to guide her clients to better body awareness, strength and posture. She is taking pride in delivering the highest treatment standard to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for all her clients and is dedicated to guiding them towards realistic and achievable goals based on latest research findings.

Katrin has two little boys and is just returning from a 6 months maternity break. Hours and classes will increase as the year progresses.


To book a session or class call me obligation free on 021 074 7429

or email